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I haven't updated in 3 days because so much has been going on and I really want to talk about it all but for the moment it's going to have to wait. So for the moment I am going to say that last night was a fucking blast with a little early bday surprise for me at Elm Street. The night turned into a total haze but it was a lot of fun to introduce Michael to my world. I've been trying really hard for him to get to know the real me and not some character of myself. I guess that is why it was so important for me to have him meet friends of mine that have known me since I was a kid. It's one thing to have people talking about how funny you are or how good looking you are but it's more real when you're friend that has known you since 8 turns to your lover and says, "Why do you hang around with him? He's not that cool." Now that is real.

Which brings me to my next topic. I have a new found fondness for the word lover. I think it says so many things. In one way it's highly endearing. Plus it comes across as being enthusiastic about the person you are with. Like you have a strong bond with them and there is admiration that is unspoken. On the other hand it usually comes along with this more dirty side, it can have that unneeded stigma with it that implies that you're doing something wrong. I think I like that part of it too, something risque about it. Something dangerous.

Anyway let's talk about today. We're in Iowa and we decided to get a few hotel rooms here because we're going to party after the show. Having me overly drunk tomorrow night on my bday would be bad seeing as we have a sold out show at the Metro on Saturday. Kick ass kids. We have these hotel room and half of Chicago is here for the show and party afterwards. Which is completely fucking awesome. I even have special visitors like Gerard (who has to be here or I would murder him), and Claire who I just know brought me a really kick ass gift. I wish Parker were here but I know she is working hard but I want her to know that I am still thinking of her anyway.

So far I have been spending my time getting ready. I took the longest shower I have in awhile and I smell so nice like, Pantene. Claire got here and we spoke a bit and decided that John Robinson's new name is Gunter. Don't ask why, it just is and if I tried to explain it, it wouldn't make sense to anyone but us. She settled herself right into hanging out with Mat. I don't really get them honestly. One minute they will be arguing over poetry and art and the next minute they will be giggling and cuddling up on a couch but I think that is the dynamic of their friendship. It's like as much as they argue and don't see eye to eye on things somewhere they get one another and in the end all the bickering doesn't seem to matter.

I left Michael alone for a bit while I went to pick up Gerard. I figured it would be a good opportunity for him to spend time with the band one one one so they got to know him and also for me and Ger to talk before being swarmed by the million people that seem to have flooded the University of Iowa. I was still bitching about the video and Myspace thing when I got him but I forgot all about it when I noticed he was reading Trainspotting and we both giggled like school boys everytime the name Sick Boy came up. So now we're just going to hang out before the show and let everyone mingle. I am really interested to see how Amara, Gerard and Michael fit into a room but something tells me that everything is going to flow like water. Similar minds and all. I guess we'll find out but for now I am just happy. really fucking happy.
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