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I met a girl who sang the blues and I asked her for some happy news

I hate being on the verge of confessing something and then have to suppress it again. I am starting to realize how often in the past two years I have done that. How many of the things that I was feeling I brushed off no matter how important they were to me because I was either afraid of the confrontation or I was just unwilling to deal with how things made me feel at the time. The problem I have found is that little things will happen and they will automatically bring back those emotions and I end up feeling like I did all this weekend.

I wound up going into work to cover for a friend that got sick. I really needed the money so I wasn't going to complain. It's been awhile since I bartended and I didn't even feel like drinking until the end of the of night. I had too much on my mind I guess. My childhood friend stopped in about an hour before the bar closed. He asked me what I had done earlier in the day Saturday before we all hung out the previous night. I told him I finally settled myself down to watch "The Dreamers". I was waiting for the Michael conversation but instead we wound up discussing the movie itself and more so Janis Joplin. One things leads to another and we're listening to the local classic rock station while cleaning up the bar after hours. We shared a few shots before he left since he had to get up for work today. I feel sorry for people with "real" jobs.

It was about 3:30 when I heard a key in the lock. I assumed it was Bob coming to check up to make sure the bar was alright and that everything got done but it wasn't, it was Amara. She smiled at me and said, "Hey Stranger," and I know that is a common thing to say but I think in this instance it was dead on. Lately it seems we don't speak at all or when we do it's usually to fight over some bullshit that is happening in the other's life. She hopped up at the bar and jokingly told me that I should serve her for a change. So there we were for a long time, her seated at the bar, me on the other side facing her and leaning over. Neither one of us were in the mood for deep bullshit talk. Instead we focused on the good in life. Music, movies, art, are J-lo and Marc over already. You know, all the hot topics. They played The Eagles, "New Kid in Town," and I told her how much I hate that song. For the same reason that my friend Jude hates the song "Hey Jude." It's just one of those things you just can't avoid. I knew she was getting drunk when she got all excited when the station played The Cars, "Just What I Needed", and she started spinning around on the stool singing along.

I don't think any night of listening to classic rock for 3 hours is complete until you have heard them play Don Maclean's "American Pie." I think it's physically impossible for a classic rock station to not play that song at least once in a 4 hour period. It's probably wrote down in some rule book somewhere. However if you haven't heard the song for awhile it's not so bad and when you're drunk at 5 am, a beautiful girl taking your hand to dance to it, isn't so bad. Of course it had to be followed up by Led Zepplin's, "Stairway to Heaven," and as we swayed with the music I joked to her that I was sure this is how my uncle must have felt at his prom. When the sun started to come up, we knew it was time to go home.

...she just smiled and turned away
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