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Today is officially random retarded update day. Everyone needs to just update about absolute nonsense. I have several points of just babble, well except for the first piece. The first piece is very serious.

1.) I heard that Heidi Klum is seeing Seal. If this is true, if he's having sex with her, I am ending my life right fucking now. I don't like him. I don't like his music and the thought of them making babies makes me wants to jump off the highest roof possible.

2.) Bam Margera updated his photogallery and the one with The Sounds contains a picture of rivell_j, _bam_margera_, and myself. It looks like this. joeylaurenadams said I was everywhere the other day and I am starting to think she is correct. I should say Jonny Lauren cause it's hot when she is a Jonny. All Jonny's are hot.

3.) I got bored and I went to our message board to read a few things. Somehow an innocent question about lyrics turned into things like, WHAT KIND OF CONDOMS DOES JONNY LIKE?? Followed up with someone saying, "I bet he likes the warm sensation condoms." lmao wtf? I mean I do but wtf? However it did remind me of that post I did a few months back about sex. I think I got into a conversation later with Majandra about the KY warming liquid.

Either way this is why I can't do band chats anymore because people ask me things like that. The last time I did a chat for the band someone did the obvious, boxers or briefs and of course being the open and honest person I am I told them neither. Mat swears to God that I picked up a whole new batch of fans from that chat.

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