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I think envy has to be the worst of all emotions because with it comes insecurity, anger, vengeance, horrible things. You can always see it coming on and you recognize it when it's going on but sometimes we don't want to stop it because within it, we also find that beautiful feeling of just being totally self righteous. I feel really full of myself and I don't think it's the 1/5th of Jack Daniels I have managed to down in a short period of time. I know this all boils down to me feeling used and rejected but you would hurt too when you put so much of yourself into something every single fucking day for months and get absolutely no recognition for it and then someone that doesn't do a 1/16th of what you do comes along and takes all the glory.

I guess you are probably wondering by this point what in hell could have me this upset. Well it's simple. My Chemical Romance is the Feature Band on What the fuck is that shit? I have worshipped myspace religiously for months now, checking my pages, adding my friends back, using it for my "internet networking" It's like obeying the 10 Commandments but what the fuck do I have to show for it? Nothing but calloused fingers and a broken heart. Gerard just sits by idly making a cd that I know what IT'S REALLY ABOUT and makes some super funny video for "I'm Not Okay(I Promise)", which I know what it's about, and suddenly he and his band are regaled in the eyes of my God.

Oh Trent Reznor! I feel you now. How can one God be so cruel??? The meek shall inherit the Earth, my ass. I am going to end up being a bitch hermit in my apartment where I support myself by supplying drug addicts with bags of my pee pee after I clean up my act because I can't afford drinking anymore. However, you know, for 20 bucks a bag I might consider giving up drinking. Give me big cases of Aquafina and a comfy bathroom and I bet I can whip out several pints every few hours. Mat suggested today he become a piss farmer. Just get a bunch of "cows" to milk and they would be his bread and butter. Only he would think of something like this.

Tonight however I must dull the pain that Myspace has inflicted on me and that can only be cured with Jack Daniels.

This update brought to you by pure drunk sarcasm.
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