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I am laying on a cloud. Albeit a grey one it's a cloud. I think this is what being free feels like. What having nothing holding you back translates to in a emotional form. I move with ease and everything seems to conform around me and feel right but I feel the tugs from all directions. Normally I would give. I would curl into what tugs the hardest but no more. Not at all. I am digging deeper. I have no guilt, no shame. this was meant to be. I am loose and I reached a part of myself I never thought was possible but their is a part of me left. Oh so much of me still left.

And some of me I didn't know was there. You are a portal. When I touch you, I bring you out. When you touch me you bring out the me I didn't know existed. I found the me I buried, as though we uncovered a mummy left to decay but a tug at one of it's bandages opened a still fresh wound because it never healed, not until now. Every mark is a space on my body to expel the toxins.

Bleed me dry.
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