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I woke up with a wicked hangover but who cares. I am up! This morning the sun was shining in the window really palely and it was kind of comforting. There was just the most gentle breeze flowing into the bedroom and I realized, it would be completely wrong to pass up on a day like this. So I was up.

Morning have been starting off nicely. You know the cigarette to clear the sleepy out of your eyes and then coffee. Dash of cream, 3 scoops of sugar. I don't understand people that drink coffee without sugar. How do you deny sugar for that matter? Now that I am thinking about it, I could probably eat a whole bag of Starburst fruit and creams. Ok that really wouldn't make a good lunch. So anyway, I decided after coffee and cigs to help Michael straighten up the apartment a bit. Not a whole lot just pick up the 8 billion crushed, empty packs of cigarettes that somehow managed to accumulate while I have been here. We smoke like fiends, it's pretty horrible.

Afterwards we took a shower. You know, like I did and he did. I am glad I am being so eloquent today, anyway, once we were cleaned up we headed out of the house to get a little fresh air and sun. We both look like pale white ghosts at the moment so I know it couldn't have hurt us. He took me to a little deli a few blocks from his house and I got them to make me a nice veggie sandwich. Lunch went on for two hours because we got lost in conversation. I finally decided it was time to go when the deli owner was looking at us like, "Buy something else or get out!"

Once we got back to his place his eyes filled with that familiar glow and it made me smile. He ran off for his paper journal and started to quickly scribble things down. I decided to give him his space and hopped online here. Friends page is pretty messed up today. Mat I would offer to come home but it seems you wouldn't need me too. Everyone and their mother is willing to be there. Either way the offer does stand, you know I would if you needed me. For now I can tell that Michael is going to be writing for awhile so I am going to go to Gerard's and feed his cat again and deal with the things I didn't the last time I was there. Wish me luck, I'll probably need it.

p.s. 15 more days people. I expect gifts.

p.s.s. OH! I almost forgot. For the past three nights in a row I have been dreaming about a midget Cabbage Patch Kid doll that has claws like a kitten and attacks me from under my bed. Last night I caught it and ran out of the house with it after I cut all it's hair off and tried to toss it into a moving car to get it away from me but I missed the window so a little girl came up to me when I missed the window and asked if she could have it. So I told her yes. hahah I gave a possessed evil doll to a little girl. I am a bad man.
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