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Well I got that whole 5 hours of sleep I am just wide awake now. That was pure sarcasm but Nunook decided to wake me up because he was going to be sick. Apparently he didn't like the slight change of going from Purina One to Purina Dog Chow. I didn't think it would be that big of a difference but apparently to him it was. I can't really argue with a dog that is litterally bigger then me. Just a year ago he looked like this. Now he is just huge. I mean HUGE. He loves to stick out his tongue so you can totally tell he is my dog though.

His favorite new game is to pull me around on my computer chair. He'll come up to me and nudge my elbow with his snout, messing up my typing, until I give him attention. If I put my feet up on the chair and lean over to grab the scruff of his neck he'll start backing up and pulling me all around the livingroom on my chair. I think it fulfills the work dog in him since we're not anywhere near an arctic tundra for him to pull some sled around. He's such a baby though if I lean down and grr like I am going to bite him he'll automatically drop to the floor and roll over on his back to tell me he's not fighting me. Plus he gets along well with Majandra's puppies. Especially since Astrid is the size of his snout.

Everything else has been going really well. Since being home I have been getting out twice a week to dj while writing with the band. There hasn't been any blood shed yet and only a few minor death threats. Things at home have been going really calmly and smoothly as well. Whenever I usually get home at night I spend my time with Majandra. We usually end up laying around and talking for a long while before she'll break out her book and start reading. I like watching her read because I can tell she's really absorbing what she's reading. I notice how her face changes when something catches her eye and makes her interested or annoyed. She's been doing that a lot while reading, "Franny and Zooey". I, on the other hand, have been reading "The Blood of Innocents", which is about the murders at Robin Hood Hills. I really liked "Paradise Lost" and "Revisited". There is something about murder and investigation that intrigues me. The book so far is pretty interesting but the problem with it is that it's pretty one sided. The authors seem to be taking just the police departments side and not exposing any of the shitty work they did in investigating the crime. Either way they are at least presenting something of the case and it's interesting to see their perspective on what they believe happened there. I think next I am going to read a book about the FBI investigator they based "Silence of the Lambs" around. I think it's called "Mind Hunter" or something like that.

And I wonder why I have strange dreams.
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