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Kind of sarcastic

Congratulations you found out I am single and would like to date me. Owning a Jon Radtke takes special care and attention but if you follow these few simple rules you and your Jon could be happy.

  • Give me drinks. I love to talk anyway and I am very friendly but give me a drink and I will be your best friend and we can talk all night long.

  • Act like yourself. Nothing turns me off more then someone that is acting phoney. I am pretty perceptive (even drunk) and I can tell when you're acting like something you are not. On that subject don't act like you are better then you are because snobby behavior puts me off as well.

  • If I say I like you and I want to get to know you more don't take that to mean we are dating. We're not. It means just what I said, you're pretty cool and I want to get to know you better. That is all. On this subject don't be shocked when I tell you I am seeing someone else. I am single after all and bound to talk to a whole bunch of different types of people.

  • I also don't like anyone that is too possessive of me. I like to feel wanted but not to the point that I feel like I am being watched or that I have a gun to my head. I give people their space and that is all I ask for.

  • One of the things I value most in this world is my friends. Quite possibly one of the worst things you could do is come between them and I. Especially the ones that I have known for a long time. When it comes down to it I will always choose my long time friends over you. If they see you pitting them against me more then likely they are going to chose me over you so just don't.

  • Infact while we are on that subject. Just don't play games. I am very open and forward and tell you exactly how I feel if you like it or not. I am not looking to chase anyone and I don't really care if anyone chases me. If I like you I will say so and you can refer to bullet number 3.

  • Overall I am not a serious person. I like to have fun and show people a good time because it gives me a good time. I don't want anyone that can't be a little adventurous or wild from time to time. That doesn't mean I want someone that is really immature and flighty. Just someone that has a good balance to them and is a free spirit.

Each encounter with your Jon Radtke, comes with a limited time offer, meaning, if you bug the shit out of me, your time is limited. I hope you take these things into consideration before venturing out and trying to get your hands on your very own. In return for your obediance to these points, your very own Jon Radtke will provide you with lots of drinks, loads of hugs, perhaps a little sex, but most importantly, honesty and fun without the head games.

To apply for your own you must contact either parker or amaradunae for ownership
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